The information in English about FutureBase

Welcome to FutureBase

FutureBase is a company to do the planning, development and sales of software.

I’ll meet the customer’s demands and it’s ascertained what kind of system is really necessary to a customer.
I tend to propose and use it and aims at the software you can meet and an offer of service.

The estimate of software/web production is free. Please contact us.

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1)Business software production

Outsourcing, subcontracting is not used at all, it is done in our one company to production from design.
Directly because programmers will do the customers and meeting, you can proceed efficiently.

2)Website production

New web production and renewal.
I want a customer to have the interest in web operation, too. The Joomla! which can do a page renewal easily by itself CMS which says so is being recommended.


The remote sensing field, a weather data analysis and software production of the GIS field are performed.

4)Big data analysis

Big data and the SNS data for Twitter/Facebook are analyzed and a made report is submitted.

The estimate of software/web production is free.

I’m sometimes prepared for service besides the carrying.Please inquire any time.

405, 2-13-3 Fujigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama 227-0043 JAPAN